A Space and Retreat dedicated to Wholistic Wilderness Wellness

AYAMA FYRI is set amongst the trees in a Swedish forest in the county of Jämtland, in a valley and along an ancient river shaped by the ice ages.

The name is a combination of the Sanskrit word ayama, meaning ‘feeling of stretching’ or ‘extending’ and is used by yogis to refer to breathing out, and in pranayama which means breath of life. Prana by itself means life force. ‘Fyri’ is Forn-Nordic, or Old Norse, and means forest

AT AYAMA FYRI we will soon be offering retreats, programs, workshops, get-aways, camp-fire hangouts and mini-festivals together with resident hosts, guides and visiting teachers. Accommodation will be in our big, comfortable tipis, and on our adventure-menu there will be: Wholistic wellness – hot & cold therapies – sauna – paddle boarding – running studios – wholistic nutrition – surf & water-based training – yoga & meditation – rewilding.

Our retreat center is currently under construction, and to keep up to date with our progress and opening date, follow us on @escapadesweden