Discover the true north

The nordic light

Nordic light is unique in the sense that only a fraction of the world’s population experience similar conditions of light. It holds a special meaning for the people of Jämtland. From the wild wintery aurora borealis of the winter months to the midnight sun of the mid-summer time, we have always celebrated it with music, food & dance and still do so today. In spring we love its return and during Midsommar, and the weeks around this time, the hours for exploring increase naturally as it is light most of the day & night. Dusk up here consists of a border zone, of light and darkness. It can provide a moment of relaxation in a “twilight sit”, or in Swedish kura skymning. This means to pause what you are doing, for a quiet talk, or quite simply for meditative tranquillity. For the photographer, this is pure gold!

The water

The water i Jämtland flows from clean and clear mountain springs into the many rivers and lakes. The ice ages have shaped the valley where Åre Village sits and through which the mighty river Indalsälven flows. Up on the mountain, you can drink the water straight out of many of the streams. The many lakes are great for fishing and paddling, and during the icy season, cross country skating and driving.

The forest

3 quarters of Sweden is still covered in trees. Up here in Jämtland, we have beautifully undistrubed forests in many parts, great for hiking and exploring as well as tracking, camping and finding out about the mythological characters here, such us the elves, (benign) trolls & näcken who plays his river violin. Foraging for mushrooms and berries is a delicious local pastime. It has actually been proven now that spending time amongst the the trees, or “forest bathing”, has definite health benefits such as lowering anxiety and increasing happiness.

The mountains

We trekk on them, we scale them, we reach the peaks on foot and on skiis and we love to ski down their slopes. The mountains up here are a true delight to rewild in. Whether you are a meditator, trekker or an adrenaline keen skier (or perhaps all of the above), they have perfect space for you all. On one side lies Buustamon mountain lodge where the award winning food kicks ass. At its foot, lies Åre Village with the region`s oldest hotel, Åregården, as well as a great crafts and design store and restaurants and shops.

The snow

It´s always momentous when the first snow arrives up here. The kids immediately rush outside with joy and we all start to wax our skis, dust off the snow mobile and change our tires to all studded beasts in order to still enjoy safe driving on the icy roads. Awesome winter activities include Cross-country iceskating, Cross-country skiing, randonnee, snow mobiling and dog-sledding. When it gets really cold out on the iced over winter river, it is often at least 10 degrees warmer in the snow of the forest.

The culture and history

The indigenous people of Sweden are called Sami and their lands where they traditionally herd reindeer, Sapmi. Their culture is alive and very active up here in Jämtland and we are pleased to be able to offer the expreience to visit a Sami family and stay with them to explore their area and way of life.

Jämtland also has Viking history and where the closest Airport to Åre lies, on the island of Frösön, there is still a well-known ancient Runic stone. The Viking history and old traditions are still celebrated by many up here and at certain times of the year there are performances and Viking markets in the area. In August the Jämtland Viking Days take place and a large Viking camp takes shape by Jamtli in Östersund (between 25 – 27 August).