Place: Åre
Address: Åre, Sweden


N63.3990428 W13.081505800000059

Time zone: CET (UTC + 1)
Summer (DST): CEST (UTC + 2)
Country: Sweden
Province: Jämtland
County: Jämtland
Municipality: Åre

Welcome to the true north

As you can see from the map. We are situated in a region which borders with Norway. 1420 – meters above sea level. Beautifully situated in the mountains and forests by the mighty river Indalsälven. This area really shows off Swedish culture in a nutshell as it proudly contains one of the most retained cultures in the whole of Scandinavia, nestled into the vast landscapes.

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(Frösö Airport. Code OSD)

Our closest airport is Åre/Östersund Airport, on Frösön. To fly here you will easily catch one of the many departures from Arlanda Airport in Stockholm. This flight takes only 50 minutes with SAS. Transfers are easy for us to arrange from there to Åre Village and takes one hour with a shuttle or by car.

During the ski season months there are also direct flights from London to Åre/Östersund Airport with Easy Jet.

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How to get here by air

Trondheim Airport (Vaernes)

The airport in Trondheim, Vaernes, on the Norwegian side is also an option. There are trains from Trondheim to Åre that take 2 and a half hours and that depart in the afternoons. By car or bus the trip from Trondheim to Åre Village takes 2 and a half hours. There is also an Airport Transfer shuttle available at limited times between mid December and 1 may. During other times you can rent a car at


Seasons & clothing

Winter – Autumn

Winter Spring Summer and all seasons in between make 8 seasons. During winter the temperatures can get pretty low and we suggest dressing in 3 layers. A baselayer: long-sleeved wool or sports shirt, wool socks (3 pairs), long-johns, jumper or thermal Mid layer: thermal or down mid-layer jumper or jacket. Outer layer: a warm winter jacket, warm hat that covers the ears, warm gloves, winter boots and ski pants. For Autumn trekking bring extra woolen socks, decent hiking boots, wind & water repellent jacket and outer pants.

Seasons & clothing

Spring – Summer

In Spring we still ski and the weather is warmer but on a windy day the wind chill can still make it colder. It can also be warm so bring layers that you can peel off when the sun comes out. For Summer, bring swim wear, wind jacket and a warmer hoodie and jumper. Pants for trekking and extra socks. Long sleeved shirts are great to protect against any bugs or mosquitos. For all seasons, bring a small day back-pack. Also think of a camera bag.

For equipment such as skis, climbing gear and skates, there are several good rental places in Åre Village and our guides will sort all this out for you.

Should you wish to purchase clothes there are several great shops in Åre Village and also in Östersund that sell everything you might need. There is also a new company in Åre from where you can rent clothes.