Ragunda Republic Board Riders




With the expert knowledge and long experience of water culture on part of the Escapade tribe and collaborators, we have decided to explore what such a culture could look like in the Nordic region.

Based in Ragunda, Jämtland in the heart of Sweden, we have been offering Rewilding adventures through mountains and forests around here.  We are now bringing some serious water culture into our adventures and will be offering stand-up paddleboarding, surf training,  and prone paddling, from beginner to advanced. In addition to this, we are in the middle of constructing our own wilderness wellness retreat in the middle of Åsa’s forest, complete with yoga-sala and surf-shack. Here we will connect people to our philosophy focusing on rewilding and with water culture forming an integral part.

All of the above will soon be available to book in the form of half-day paddle-tours to longer wilderness wellness retreats as well as one-on-one lessons. All expertly guided by Aussie/Kiwi surfers and guides.

No previous experience is needed and all tours are tailored to suitability and age.

Welcome to hang out with Ragunda Republic Board Riders!

Watch out for our Tent Tipi with boards and guides around Östersund, Jämtland and beyond!

Contact us for more information on info@escapadesweden.se or +46 768 135 999


Our founder: Åsa

I spent almost half my life in New Zealand and immersed in water culture, from living on a beach swimming and picking kai moana (sea food) to surfing, rafting and paddling.  As a lover of knowledge, I treasured getting degrees in Arts and Law whilst in NZ, but a large chunk of time I also spent wielding a sword and roaming around with Xena on the shows Xena Warrior Princess and with Hercules and Young Hercucles, and as Lady of the Lake in the King Arthurian series.  My love of nature and the wilderness I got from a young age, spending time in a house with no electricity or running water with my family, learning survival skills and being allowed to roam around the forests by myself with my bow & arrows. My background covers being a tourism board CEO, singer, actor, barrister & solicitor, academic, tourism entrepreneur, consultant and innovator, and founded Escapade Sweden in 2016 in order to channel my energy into offering guided adventures, such as ‘Rewild your life’ ™ and ‘Wild Child’ ™.  Åsa’s other pursuits include yoga, meditation, singing, breathwork, skiing, Viking archery, hot & cold therapies and nutrition. When not out and about, she teaches within the field of eco technology, law & sustainable development, and loves discovering new paths.


Moving from Australia to Jämtland, Sweden, bringing my love of water culture, I want to share my love and passion for this culture and introduce people to this mindset and way of life. Surfing and paddle sports have provided me with a deeper connection to the natural world. Using the elements to focus the mind, body and soul. Surfing and paddling not only provide me with physical benefits, but also a way of de-stressing and appreciating the moment I am in. Some days I like to go hard out and make it physically demanding but on other days I just like to take it easy and enjoy being out in the water, observing, learning and taking in the feeling of being out in nature’s elements. I love all conditions on the water, calm windless days, as well as the windy and rough days. I always had a fascination with oceans, rivers and lakes and how wind, currents & waves affect them. The more time I spend on the water, the more of an intimate understanding I gain from them. I have always sought out water, growing up on a beach in Australia and traveling the world to pursue my love of surfing, it is hard not to want to keep up that connection up here in Sweden. The moment I moved here, the rivers and lakes of Jämtland drew me in through fishing and paddling.

Laird’s other pursuits include fly-fishing, swimming, triathlons, ultra-marathons, snow- boarding, health, breathwork, hot & cold therapies, fitness & nutrition. (He has of course taken up cross-country skiing since moving up here =)