Get back to nature the nordic way


The Re-Wilding escapade

Rewilding means to return to a more wild or natural state. Sort of the opposite to domestication.

This is precisely what we have created all of our adventures around. We call it authentic Nordic wilderness and cultural experiences right in the heart of the true north.

Whether you are mainly after a trekking experience under the midnight sun, a skiing or Husky dog-sledding trip on the snow and ice, a foraging tour for berries and mushrooms, or to learn about the indigenous Sami way of life and play, we have journeys to suit your wishes and needs.

Every Escapade adventure is made to suit ages, needs and wishes. All of our Rewilding adventures has a core set of activities expertly adjusted by our guides to suit every season and the weather conditions of the day. These include: Making fires, cooking & eating outside, Bush-craft, Trekking/skiing/snow shoeing through mountain and forest terrain and Wilderness survival basics for each season – such as foraging & fishing.

Apart from the guided core of Rewilding adventures, we also offer a number of extra activities to chose from including:

Journey to a Sami village, Dog-sledding, Husky Experience, Skiing – Nordic Ski touring, X-C (cross-country), Randonnee, Slalom, Snow boarding, Snow shoeing, Extended Survival trip, Helicopter trip, Heli skiing, X-C skating, Ice climbing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Trekking, Foraging, Fishing, Tenting and MTB.

Depending on which season you visit, the way in which these activities are carried out of course differ depending on whether you arrive during the snowy or the summery months. Each season has its own magic and opportunities to explore and enjoy the Nordic, Swedish wilderness!


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More in-depth on re-wilding

Rewilding your body and mind. Your body has its own wisdom, and as we learn to listen to our body, we can discover new ways to care for our bodies and minds.  Inside each of us is a wild woman, a wild man, or a wild child. That “inner nature” includes a mindset that is characterized by curiosity instead of fear, awareness instead of distraction, and passion instead of apathy.

To learn survival and other skills in the natural wilderness can give us a whole new take on life. Through using our instincts and relying on what nature has to offer, we are and feel less dependent upon society, and this gives us a broader perspective. Indigenous and ancestral skills can teach us a lot. When we forage for food, drink water from a spring or make a camp fire outside, we connect with something real. Together we gain a sense of adventure and how interconnected we are with our surrounding wilderness.


To tailor your Rewilding adventure we will:

  • cook up your personal Rewilding trip for you
  • season it to your wishes and needs
  • tailor it according to the season of your choice
  • design it for the amount of time you have available

Simply send us an email with your request, your contact details and if you already know it, a time when you want to visit

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