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Rewild your life! ™

From 2020 E S C A P A D E Sweden is offering Rewilding in the form of a Program that we teach and establish for you and your destination, with continuous support. We offer the program in the form of seminars together with workshops and with written materials, the latter which can also be accessed on-line. We present and teach the program on-site and with continuous support after this first event. 

The rewilding program is best suited for tourism destinations, tourism boards, operators and Chambers of commerce. Each program is designed and developed uniquely to your destination and set of circumstances. 

“Rewilding means to return to a more wild or natural state. Sort of the opposite to domestication”

The reason:

As the world becomes more and more homogenised, with the same shops and products on every corner and in every centre we have grown to wish for something else. Something more genuine. Something with a unique and authentic cultural aspect and something breathing history. We create our rewilding programs based on each unique location, using parameters to make sure the rewilding experience is the best it can be.

Society presents us too often with an advertised world of the unreal. Unreal ideals, unreal work hours breeding unhappiness and where we need to escape in order to fix our lives.  It is our firm belief that we are actually physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually capable but that we need to connect to our instincts and practice a type of connectivism to nature which enables us access. Human rewilding can give you access to your own innate wisdom.








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About us:

Founder and developer Åsa Lind Chong has a background as a tourism board CEO, singer, actor, barrister & solicitor, academic, tourism entrepreneur, consultant and innovator.  She holds degrees in Arts, Law and Science including a Masters in ecotechnology and sustainable development and a BA in Latin American studies and Philosophy.  She is a Barrister & solicitor of the High Court of Auckland, New Zealand, and during her NZ years, she spent time wielding a sword and roaming around with Xena on the shows Xena Warrior Princess and with Hercules on Hercules the legendary journeys and Young Hercucles, and as Lady of the Lake in the King Arthurian series.  She is the founder and CEO of Escapade Sweden, teaches Environmental law, Governance and Diffusion of innovation at university, and participates in a constant stream of projects within the tourism and sustainability arena.  She has won innovation awards for adventure products ‘Rewild your life’ ™ and ‘Wild Child’ ™ and continues developing adventure tourism through living off the land in the Nordic mountains, foraging for food, using bow and arrows, practicing yoga and discovering new paths.